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Conquest Queens is a strategy/simulation game where you control an ant colony embroiled in war with a rival colony. Your anthills will produce ants that can either forage resources or engage in combat with enemy ants; and you can use the resources to upgrade your colonies and ants in various ways.

This game was made by Team User Brog:

Nathan Stubbs (Programmer)
Chase Odom (Programmer)
Dinah Baum (Programmer)
Eduardo Rojas Jr. (Artist)

Click on tiles to set the forage/combat priority for that tile, or press f (auto-manage foraging) / c (auto-manage combat) if you dislike micromanaging. Click on colonies to upgrade them or the ants they produce using meat you've foraged.

A more detailed tutorial is shown in-game.

Install instructions

Download, unzip, play "conquest queens.exe"


Conquest Queens.zip 21 MB

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